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Testimonials from Robert Handy Camping Customers

Looking for feedback from our previous customers? We post their testimonials here to help you understand why folks continue to choose Robert Handy Camping for their camping needs.

We have had several campers through the years. We recently purchased a travel trailer from Robby and his mother. He worked with us on the price so we could get the camper that we liked best. After the purchase, when we needed warranty work done, they fixed the problem with absolutely no hassle. We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a camper.

Rex & Shelia
Wilkesboro, NC

If you are looking for an honest, straight forward approach to doing business, RHCC is the place to go! We absolutely love and adore the Handy family. They always make the customer feel right at home and will answer all questions you have about campers. In short, here is our story….We have purchased two campers from RHCC within 2 years and the customer service is OUTSTANDING!! While on vacation, my husband and I decided it was time to trade in our beloved Salem Cruise Lite and upgrade to a larger travel trailer with 3 slides. My husband picked up the phone and called Robby to see what he had on his lot within our price range. Needless to say, Robby made us an offer we could not refuse and we purchased our dream camper without seeing it in person – only saw the online pictures. We let Robby know it would be the next week before we would be back in town. To make things easier for us, Robby had our new camper pulled beside their office so all we had to do on Sunday when we returned was pull our other camper up beside of the new camper and unload it so we didn’t have to unload everything at home then tote it back to the new camper. Robby and his sweet mom had all the paperwork ready for us to sign when we returned and we took our new camper home on Monday. Robby always takes time and walks the customer through their camper showing them how all features on the camper work. We HIGHLY recommend RHCC for all your camping needs. You cannot beat their price, professionalism and excellent service both during and after the sale. The fine folks at RHCC treat you like family instead of another sale like other camper dealerships. Matt & Julie – Wilkes County, NC

When it comes to buying campers, Robert Handy Camping Center is # 1 in Western NC!! They are honest, friendly, helpful and you cannot beat their prices. The Handy Family treats their customers like family at their camping center and anytime they see you. We have friends that live in Asheville, NC and they come to RHCC to buy their campers. We recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new or good used camper. When we decide it’s time for another camper, RHCC will be the only place we will go!

Bobby & Joan
Wilkes County, NC

After playing “snow bird” this past winter (2015) we decided we could use a larger trailer. We looked locally in Florida where we were staying and also locally from our home town area of Illinois. We talked with several dealers/sales people and was basically getting nowhere. I continued to search the internet regularly and came across a trailer that we really liked and would fit our needs. This trailer happened to be at Robert Handy Camping Center in Wilkesboro, NC.

I immediately gave them a call, now mind you I am at home at this point in Illinois, to see if they still had this trailer.The trailer was still available. I explained to Rob what we had for a trade in and things went from there. You could almost feel a friendship develop over the phone. We made arrangements that we would like to drive down but not until the following week. Mr. Handy went out of his way to bring the trailer in off the lot, clean it up and hold it for us until we could get down there.

After talking with Rob several times over the next few days we headed to NC. We pulled into their Camping Center late the following Friday night and met with him first thing Saturday morning. This is a Ma, Pop and Sons camping center and it was GREAT! The friendliness of the entire family was amazing…you will not experience this when going to the big time RV Centers. We felt like we were some one, not just a person walking in the door.

We were able to make the trade, transfer our things from our camper to the new one, and was back on the road late Saturday morning. Dealing with the family at Robert Handy Camping Center was the best experience ever.

Thanks for everything..

Dale & Sandy

My wife and I decided to purchase a new camper. We have owned 2 tag a longs, but we wanted a 5th wheel. We got online and searched for dealers close to us. We got several quotes, but hadn’t found anything in our price range. We kept looking and saw Robert Handy Camping Center in Wilkesboro. I called Robert Handy and talked with him and went the next week to meet him and his family. We knew that when we walked in the door that this was the place to buy a camper. We had already decided we wanted a Flagstaff. They worked with us and we ended up ordering from them. Robert kept us informed every week on the process of production. When we got our camper they walked us through EVERYTHING. Scott Handy showed me everything about the hook up as we had never had a 5th wheel before. They made sure before we left with our camper we were satisfied. I tell everyone who is looking to buy a camper, THAT IS THE PLACE TO GO. They treat you like family and they are just a phone call away if you need anything. Since it’s family owned, you don’t feel like a number like you do at the bigger dealerships, they really care and I know that you will be pleased with the service!  

Dennis and Sandra
Rutherfordton, NC

After two years of looking for a travel trailer locally we took our search to the internet and located Robert Handy Camping, a family owned business, in North Carolina. Our questions concerning price, quality, and service were the main objectives. One conversation with the owner, Robert Handy Sr., put our concerns to rest. We found Handy Camping to be both informative and friendly. Mr. Handy, readily turned us over to his sons, Robert Jr. and Scott. Two phone calls later we were planning our first trip to Handy Camping in NC, located three hours from our home in West Virginia. A few more phone calls and a couple of emails later, one more trip to NC ensued. Purchasing our travel trailer from Handys Camping saved us thousands of dollars compared to other dealerships. Our price comparision were gathered in WV, Va, and NC. Our final purchase was completed and we were the PROUD OWNERS of a FLAGSTAFF CLASSIC SUPER LITE. My wife was especially happy with the front kitchen and garden tub. Thank you ALL very much.     

Kent and Lou B.
West Virginia

I highly recommend Handy Camping for any camping need. I have bought 2 campers from them and have had great service both during and after the sale. They go above and beyond to provide EXCELLENT customer service. Case in point, recently I had “an opportunity” with my camper. Robby contacted Forest River. NOT ME the customer, but HANDY CAMPING did. I NEVER heard any of this you need to contact the manufacture, or that’s not a warranty issue, NO EXCUSES JUST RESULTS. The manufacture and Handy Camping stood behind the product. The “opportunity” was corrected with NO HASSLE. I now tell EVERYONE Handy Camping and Forest River have a customer for life and I highly recommend them to anyone shopping for a camper.   

Allen and Jodi
Wilkes County, NC

We just recently purchased our first RV from RHCC. My father and grandfather both owned several RV’s dating back to the 1940’s so you’d think when my Dad told me I could trust the folks at RHCC, I’d just pay attention. Actually we went to Craigslist and Ebay first where we found 2 kinds of RV’s. Junk and over-priced junk. Then we went to the larger dealers where we also found two different situations. One where they assigned a salesperson to show you what you want and the other one lets you shop till you drop but both with the end result was the same; both were way over priced. Nobody could touch the deal we got at RHCC. We were shopping for a clean dependable used travel trailer for a reasonable and fair price. We found all of this and more, less than five miles from our home. Rob, Scott, and their Mom and Dad were all involved in getting us what we wanted and needed to get started with our first RV. We couldn’t be more satisified with our RV and the service at RHCC. Shop all you want but I can promise you this; you won’t find a better deal on a top quality RV or better service anywhere, PERIOD. I TRIED.   

Jeff and Deloris H.
Millers Creek, NC

Prior to meeting the Handy’s in 2008 we had visited a Flagstaff dealer in VA. After making a call to Handy Camping Center and comparing prices we decided to visit Handy Camping Center. We are glad we did, we were able to buy the same camper with more upgrades for less money and the camper was on the lot. We later took our best friends to meet the Handys and they became customers. We have now upgraded our travel trailer for a 2011 5th wheel which Robert special ordered for us. Their prices and service are great. If you are looking for a camper and want to meet some great people in the process give “Rob” a call. A place where we think more of them as friends than someone we do business with.  

Darius and Carolyn
Rocky Mount, VA

First, let me say that I don’t like spending big money, so having said that, I want to say that my husband and I love spending time in the mountains and discovered that we could spend time in the mountains without breaking the bank by buying a camper. Our venture into the camping experience was not without its mistakes. We are kind of like Goldilocks; it took us several tries before we got it right. We started with a hybrid, then a small travel trailer, then a full size with a slide, and finally what we think is “just right”. But the reason for my story is that our last two campers were purchased from Robert Handy Camping Center. Meeting the Handy’s  was like finding our long lost cousins. They make you feel like family and you can tell when you walk in that they are there to help you if you need anything. Be it big or small. They are willing to do what it takes to help you get the camping product that works for you. We enjoy coming by just to say hello even when we don’t need anything at all. So, this is our THANK YOU to the Handy Family. We appreciate you, you’re good folks. Sincerely,

Bob and Linda H.
High Point, NC